Introducing Adolphus October 18 2012, 0 Comments


I will never forget when I first saw this gorgeous creature!  At the time I owned a restaurant in Miami's Design District called One Ninety.  One night in walks Adolphus, I remember exactly what he was wearing.  I went up to him and said "WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!"  I wanted to know everything about him! That was ten years ago and we have been best friends since.  He is truly my spiritual twin.  We wonder how long it will take us to find each other in the next lifetime.

I have not met one person who has not been charmed by this man.  He is the most loving, caring, compassionate person I know.  Uniquely stylish and funny as hell!  No matter what mood I am in, he can have me in stitches in no time .  He owns the dance floor wherever he goes. His Samba makes you forget that he is from Milwaukee.  He truly has love for everyone.  Rarely have I seen him in a bad mood, he goes through life fully knowing he walks in grace.

If you don't know, Gemini's love Gemini's and Cheryl quickly fell in love with him, as well as the rest of the family. He is our Honey Boo Boo!

Adolphus, if you didn't know....we love you, you inspire us to be the best, constantly reminding us to reach for our dreams.