A meeting in the Barneys stock room... March 11 2013, 0 Comments

We met Sean when we were holding a training seminar at the Barneys Co Op in Soho.  By the way, the staff there are Fabulous, Funky and Fierce!

He appeared by my side ninja-like, telling me how he was so inspired by theFFS.  It was one of my favorite moments during our fast paced tour of NYC.

He sent us some of his poetry. His first book of poetry, Pendulum Play, came out on February 23 (happy belated birthday Sean!)


Look out for this young man.  

A Compton Jezebel

She wakes in the wildfire of Bushwick
a boiling pot of hipster immigration,
as the imagination of this city’s
allure attracts her to Africa.
Executing her perm for the
preservation of Samson,
chaos bubbling in the
deepest memories of Compton,
keeps her laughter in the sound
of a Saxophone.
Dread locks lay like a river of lovers
about the black lip stick of jezebel, 
Polaroid's of her cunningness
are advertised throughout the
body of every bayou in Louisiana. 
She poses like key note under
a red light dimmed, like Charlie Parker
playing Tookie Williams back to life.
When the band finishes, the trains
of New York opens for her.
As she parts every crowd before her
a prophet of absolute, the beauty she
now realizes she has, is the power
to levitate a poet into writing her song,
into a photographers shutter,
she blossoms like a Memphis nightclub.


We too are inspired by your light.  Keep shinning brightly dearest Sean!