Albuquerque was a hit! May 24 2013, 0 Comments

What a fabulous life!  Traveling to new cities, meeting new people, adorning folks with theFFS and last but not least, raising money for the babies!

Elsa Ross is the boutique to visit in the Nob Hill area of ABQ.  They team up annually with Smiles by Design a local dental practice, to raise money for SmileTrain.  SmileTrain is a nonprofit that has provided free cleft surgery to more that 875,000 children around the world since 1999.  Paige LaPour of Smiles by Design teamed up with us to design a bracelet that helped to raise $4000 during our three hour trunk show.

This operation costs only $250 and will change a child's life forever! Please contact Paige at to order. Cheryl can even personalize the disk on the back!

I became fascinated with the Zia symbol that inspired Paige's design.  Members of the Zia tribe, a Native American group located near Albuquerque, New Mexico, have been using their sacred sun symbol the Zia in religious ceremonies since 1200 C.E. The Zia believe that in this great brotherhood of all things, man has four sacred obligations: he must develop a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of his people.

Donna, Paige LaPour, Cheryl


Paige LaPour, Elsa Ross, Emma Del Frate, PeiChi Ng


Hey beautiful ladies of Elsa Ross!!  Thanks for making us feel right at home!!  Looking forward to seeing you all again!!